by Dani Corbalan

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Funky house beats, sexy saxophone, flute and trumpet tunes and driving guitar sounds. Cordobesa is a beautiful house track with Spanish flair. Crispy house beats, driving trumpet melodies, and dreamy guitar sounds, Spanish vibes for the dancefloor. Lonely, a progressive house track at its finest, with a beautiful voice. Out of town, a funky house track, with soul voice. Dani Corbalan is back with three new house tracks for the dancefloor and a nice rework of Guivosa. Another brilliant piece of electronic music.

Dani Corbalan started to compose music when he was 11. With Impulse Tracker, he did around 100 songs in that period. In 1997, with 13 years, he won a spanish MODs contest, with his song "Dreams of Life", a relaxing song with amazing flute melody.
In 1998 he published his first disc with Up Tempo, a Hardcore label, called TEMPORIUM. One of the songs, The Slave, were published in a famous catalonian club compilation, XQUE.
In 2000, he started to use Cubase, Reason and other stuff, to make more quality music. In that period and until 2008 he did around 50 songs, with no luck, but he knows why: he was composing music without watching other artists, he was doing his own structure, and wasn't too much comercial.
From 2008 to 2010 he stopped composing because of that, but in 2010 he started again, with more quality, and listening to other artists.
Now he tries to do music specially for club. His prefered styles are Trance and Uplifting Trance, but he likes to mix that with House, Progressive and Minimal.
He loves guitars, pianos and strings, he always tries to create melodies that makes you feel things, that makes you remember that song, not just another comercial song.
In almost all his songs he always tries to make first and last minute for mixing it easy, that's very important for me cause I've been DJ too some time.

Aerodynamic Xpress - Cordobesa!
Pablo Prado (aka Paul Nova) - Thanks for your promo!
I will play in my live sets and radioshows for sure!
Chris Drifter (Baroque Records, Hotfingers) - Out of Town is good
Omar Cito Perez (Pacha recordings) - I said it very early longtime ago... Dani Corbalan is an artist to keep an eye on. His work is always quality wheter it be club or deep. Great rework on Guivosa.
Anderson Noise (Noise Music) - thanks for the music
Tripnotic (Filter Label) - Not somehting I usually play, but the release is awesome - funky and sunny!
harry ( Nice sound
Beethoven TBS (TRI RECORDS, Distar, Electrotunes, DARDENIA Records) - Cool ep!
House Legend Magazine (Review) - Great track i will play
Stefano Lotti (Equlibrium Lab) - Thanks for the music!
Damaged Man - Nice Release,Full Support
Mark J aka Supagroove (Comuniquem Music) - Cool sounds!
bashico :- Good summer vibes!
CUSCINO - (Fashion Sells Musiq, iHeart Radio)Great summer vibes...need to do a remix EP for "Lonely" ;-) I'll get at least one of these on my FutureSound radio show as well on iHeartRadio. Cheers! - CUSCINO



released August 28, 2015



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Dirty Cat Records Berlin, Germany

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